Mark Roman Empire Census (LIST)

Welcome to the Mark Roman Empire!
Thank you for being a fan of:
  • Mark Roman Empire (also a podcast)
  • Heroteer - a cause to #BringHome #VenkaAndWill and #LeaveNoHumanOutside
  • Mark Roman's comedy, acting, & improv as "The Entertainer" of
  • Lt. Frank in the short shorts & rainbow tactical leg warmers (as seen on Bill Burr's Driving with Bill on All Things Comedy)
  • Hollywood Cap - Mark's Captain America cosplay (as seen & interviewed on KTLA TV Los Angeles)
  • additional characters of Vegas 90210 (Beetlejuice, Ron Burgundy, etc.)
CITIZENS enjoy the following:
  • synopsis of and link to the latest episode of Mark Roman Empire (also a podcast)
  • news of Mark Roman and his Empire
  • exclusive swag offers
  • a chance at prize(s) in weekly Cards for Heroteers on YouTube - for your entry to qualify, you must complete the form below with correct "Sermo Maximus" (revealed during podcast episode)
This is the Official Fan Club. "THE List".
Expect a WEEKLY dispatch.  
No need to sleep in a manger. 
To become a Citizen of the Mark Roman Empire (and/or enter to WIN prize(s) in Cards for Heroteers), simply complete the form below and click SUBSCRIBE:
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